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My son came to Miss Aida’s studio after having taken lessons from someone for many years and feeling very close to that teacher.  We didn’t know how the transition would be, but Miss Aida’s kindness, encouragement and incredible instruction not only kept my son engaged, but it only helped to deepen his interest in piano and music.  As a brilliant musician herself, his growth as a pianist was exponential. Aida strikes the perfect balance between honest feedback and positive spin so that her students know what they need to learn and where their shortcomings are while feeling proud of their progress and their individual gifts.  Because of the passion for music that Aida shares with her students, my son continued his piano throughout high school, completed his music supplement for colleges and held a senior recital.  We never forced him to continue lessons or to take part in any of these things, but under Aida’s guidance, his love of piano flourished.  Thank you for everything, Miss Aida!

Catherine Snowden


My Background

Aida Ribeiro–Mechetti

 “A musically intelligent and technically impeccable pianist” are words used to describe Aida Ribeiro’ performances.


A native of São Paulo, Brazil, Aida Ribeiro is a graduate of the Juilliard School of Music in New York, where she studied with Jacob Lateiner.  With a grant from the Organization of American States, she earned her Master’s Degree at Catholic University in Washington D.C.  In Brazil, she graduated at the MagdalenaTagliaferro Conservatory and later, in Paris, she studied with the legendary Tagliaferro herself at the International Academy of Piano.



Ms. Ribeiro has received outstanding reviews from critics and audiences for her concerts and recitals in the United States and Brazil.  Her lecture-recitals on Brazilian music have established her as an avid proponent of Latin-American music.  She has been recognized with many awards including the Tiffany award, First Prize at the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra Young Soloist Competition, the Heitor Villa Lobos Award.


Ms. Ribeiro’s orchestral appearances include the Jacksonville Symphony, Syracuse Symphony, São Paulo Symphony, Spokane Symphony, North Idaho Symphony Orchestra and the Virginia Chamber Orchestra.  

A versatile musician, Ms.Ribeiro appears frequently in recitals, chamber music concerts and master classes. She was also a member and founder of the AVA Ensemble.


Her passion for chamber music and teaching led her to create several music programs in USA.  For over 15 years she directed programs in Syracuse and Spokane devoted to young musicians to further develop their abilities and understanding of music through chamber music playing. Now in Jacksonville, she directs the Chamber Music Artist program involving high-level young musicians throughout the area. 


 In 2000 she became an adjunct professor at the University of North Florida as a piano instructor where she also started the chamber music course in 2001.


In 2005 she founded the Jacksonville Music Conservatory sponsored by the Steinway Society providing a comprehensive musical education in the European Conservatory tradition. 

Ms. Ribeiro had been a member of First Coast Community Music School of the Florida State College where she was the Chair of the Piano Department and Program director. 


Presently she teaches at her studio at her home.


When I began to study with Ms. Aida, I expected to learn, quite simply, how to be better at piano. I did not anticipate just how much she would teach me. She showed me melodic intricacies within pieces that I had never noticed before. She made me respect Bach--whom I despised because I thought he was boring--by pointing out the fantastic precision of his compositions. She introduced me to new composers, discussed music theory, took me to concerts...and in doing all of this, she gave me a new appreciation for music because I began to understand it. 


Getting better at piano is such a nebulous idea. Everyone wants to "get better." But what does that really entail? What does it mean to be better at piano? I used to think it meant playing harder pieces and not making mistakes when competing or performing. I don't think that anymore. I believe that being a better pianist means understanding a piece of music and playing it in such a way that your listener can begin to understand it too. By teaching me about music itself, Ms. Aida helped me understand the pieces I played. 


Then Ms. Aida taught me how to improve, to communicate this understanding, by honing my technique. I learned how to phrase melodies and harmonies through a combination of finger, wrist, elbow, and shoulder movements. I learned how to make the piano sound out sharp staccatos or sing softly and sweetly, how to play so fast that I felt as if my fingers had wings. Piano became a different instrument for me, one full of possibilities.


Studying with Ms. Aida undoubtedly made me a better pianist, but it also made me a better person--a person I hope is more like her, because she is such a warm-hearted, supportive, caring, and genuine person that anyone is better off after knowing her. She cares about each and every one of her students. It's obvious in the dedication she shows to teaching us, and how she is always there to listen if you need her. I can't express how much Ms. Aida has helped me and how thankful I am that I had the opportunity to study with her. She is a wonderful teacher and a fantastic person.

Betsy Lin


Even before I began studying with Miss Aida, my mom used to take me to various piano competitions and recitals. Despite the fact that my mom has never taken music lessons, she was able to point out the “stand-out pianists” at each and every recital and competition. We were always in agreement about certain performances that just seemed to be on an entirely different level. Although we didn’t know it at the time (we generally didn’t find out until they were announced the winners of the competition), these pianists were all students of Miss Aida.


So when my piano teacher of 5 years announced that he would be moving, I knew that I wanted to have the opportunity to be in Miss Aida’s studio. However when I joined her studio, I was unsure of my future plans in regards to the piano. I didn’t know how long I wanted to play, and I wasn’t even sure if I enjoyed it anymore. Within weeks, Miss Aida made me love piano again, and I began to see a difference in my playing. I had never known that there were so many distinct ways to touch a key, and her teaching technique makes each method easy to understand and apply. She emphasizes the feeling and meaning behind each piece, while maintaining the importance of also understanding the theory. Most importantly, her kindness, enthusiasm and willingness to offer encouragement is unmatched. She is an incredible piano teacher, but an even better woman.

Harrison Snowden


The growth and development I have gained in lessons with Mrs. Aida has impacted and improved not only my piano career, but also my personal outlook and direction in life. Within the first year of lessons, I experienced a radical change in my skill and understanding of the piano. I came from a background of piano method books and I was never taught technique or classical repertoire. Mrs. Aida pushed me and helped me get to a place of musical excellence. By the end of my first year, I could play all my major scales 4 octaves (in the beginning of the year I did not even know what a scale was!). I began playing large pieces that challenged me and helped me exceed to new levels in piano. Mrs. Aida helped me understand the art that could be achieved on the piano. There is a world of musical color that can be created when you understand the technique and put in the practice.


I was fortunate to have 3 years with Mrs. Aida and I flourished. I went from a level of intermediate playing to advanced difficult. I participated in musical competitions and one of which I won 1st place. At the end of my time with Mrs. Aida, I was a different pianist. Piano had become my lifelong friend and it became more than just hobby; it became a passion. I eventually discovered I loved to teach piano. I auditioned and was accepted to pursue my bachelor’s in piano pedagogy at the University of North Florida. I currently have several students of my own and I continue to aspire and learn from Mrs. Aida. Truly, she has impacted my life and I am so blessed that I had the privilege to be her student.

Grace Lewis


My experience with Mrs. Aida Mechetti has been amazing and I have improved very much over the course of the last few years!! I have learned countless techniques and beautiful pieces with Mrs. Mechetti. Mrs. Aida is very passionate and dedicated to her students and the piano. I am very thankful that she is my piano teacher!!

Padma Adimula


Ms. Aida was an amazing teacher who I have had the honor of working with. She is kind, dedicated, and made every lesson enjoyable. I grew as a musician and as a person while learning piano under her, and I consider myself very lucky.

Rachel Bitutsky

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